Prohands VIA accessorio allenamento mani arrampicata

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€ 11,95
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Il Prohands VIA è l'entry level per quanto riguarda gli attrezzi per l'allenamento delle dita, usato soprattutto da ragazzini e donne, ottimo per tenere in forma le proprie mani. disponibile in due diverse tensioni in base alle proprie esigenze.

Prohands è leader mondiale nella realizzazione di prodotti per l'allenamento delle mani e delle dita. In particolare, Prohands consente di ottenere ottimi risultati grazie all'opportunità di allenare le dita singolarmente in modo da esercitare pressioni diverse a seconda delle proprie necessità.

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It’s been 13 years since the advent of the best-selling GRIPMASTER, the individual-finger-strengthening finger/forearm trainer you’ll find on the cashboards and in the cragging packs of well, most climbers. Now it gets an update even more in tune with the needs of us gripeurs: the PROHANDS PRO ($21.95,, available in three tensions: Medium (7lbs); Heavy (9lbs); and Extra Heavy (11lbs). Building on the Gripmaster model, the Pro adds a larger profile, ergo palm bar, and wear resistant steel springs. The device is fun, and the pump more wicked than Skeletor; I used my Heavy squeezanator for post-training mega-workout and to warm up at the cold October cliffs.

Urban Climber

Heading down the boulevard from El Paso Hueco Tanks, a car full of psyched climbers warm up their fingers with Gripmaster Pro. It's a medium tension grip that is equivalent to 7lbs of tension. It's hard, no doubt, but a light squeeze does the trick to get the juices flowing. The Extra Heavy, shown here, is in the glove compartment. That comes later. It's a different kind of monster. With 11lbs of tension, it's capable of building hands, wrists and forearms of steel. It ain't the warm-up or opening act, that's for sure...unless you happen to be Fred Nicole.

Climbing Magazine : Holiday Gift Guide Review

Ah, the holiday season, when well-meaning friends and relatives try to get you what they think is hot, but typically is not. Or, the time of the year when you’re trying to figure out that special Festivus gift for your partner who patiently belayed you on countless routes. Fear not, whether you’re giving or receiving we have you covered with everything from stocking stuffers to the big tickets. Being deskbound in winter needn’t be a training tragedy. If you have a GRIPMASTER ($15) handy, you can bust out some quick finger strengthening in between putting coversheets on your TPS reports. Just make sure you don’t get too pumped to start hammering the keyboard when your boss pokes her head in.

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